What I bring

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Meier Consulting

A Boutique of Strategic Excellence

I am Meier, the driving force behind Meier Consulting. With a passionate commitment to excellence, I have cultivated a consulting boutique that stands at the intersection of innovation and strategic thinking.

At the heart of Meier Consulting is a commitment to sustainability. I believe in not just solving immediate challenges but also in crafting strategies that contribute to the long-term success and resilience of businesses.

Having successfully executed projects in strategy, process optimization, and sustainability, I bring a wealth of experience to every client interaction. My journey includes impactful consulting with McKinsey & Company, providing a robust foundation for the boutique consultancy you experience with Meier.


Professional Journey in a Snapshot

Embark on a journey through my professional tapestry — a mosaic woven with multilingual fluency, academic depth, and a dynamic career trajectory. This section unfolds the chapters of language proficiency, educational fusion, a compelling professional journey, and the entrepreneurial spirit that birthed Meier Consulting in 2003.

Multilingual Dynamics

Dive into Meier Consulting's multicultural landscape. Fluent in four languages, I offer a nuanced global perspective, transcending language barriers effortlessly.

Media to McKinsey Odyssey

Embark on my career odyssey—from European media firms to McKinsey. Each step shapes Meier Consulting, founded in 2003 for transformative consultancy.

Literary Fusion, Business Mastery

Explore my academic fusion in literature, culture, and business. A comparative literature major and Wharton M.B.A., I bring a diverse academic lens.

Founding Visionary

In 2003, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, I founded Meier Consulting—transforming visions into reality, delivering excellence in pharma and medtech solutions.

What Our Clients Say


Meier Consulting brought clarity to financial strategies. Results-driven and adaptable. A reliable consultant for any business challenge.

Lisa Carter

As a startup founder, Meier Consulting was a guiding light. The tailored solutions and entrepreneurial spirit brought clarity to our path. Grateful for the invaluable partnership!

Emma Johnson

Meier Consulting’s strategic insights are spot-on. A vital partner for efficient processes and sustainable growth. Highly recommend their expertise

Alex Chen
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